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tv   Death Row Stories  CNN  August 9, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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this together, you can't break the bond that was built when you were holding each other up in the way we did. -- captions by vitac -- we are monitoring the situation in ferguson, missouri. shots ring out at a protest marking one year anniversary of the police killing that sparked a nationwide conversation on race. and u.s. fighter jets arrive in turkey as part of the new phase of the war against isis. and donald trump refusing to apologize after controversial comments aimed at a female journalist. >> i'm zain asher. and i'm george howell. this is "cnn newsroom."
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good day to you and we begin this hour in ferguson, missouri, one year after the michael brown shooting and police are back on the streets in that city as are hundreds of protesters. i want to show you new video that came in where you can hear shots being fired just moments ago as a reporter was conducting an interview. listen to this sound here. >> we're trying to work with the community. we're explaining to them their rights and we just want to be as patient as possible -- [ gunshots ]. >> what is that? >> gunfire. >> you can actually hear shots ring out as an affiliate reporter was conducting an interview with the new chief of police there in ferguson. and the st. louis county police department said that police are trying to uphold peace and they want to prevent further businesses from damage. and they tweeted that several
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objects during this time have been thrown at police officers. >> we have teams on the ground there, let's go to sara sidner in ferguson, missouri. she joins us by found. i understand that you witnessed that shooting that we just heard in video. >> reporter: that was my video, i was standing with my affiliate talking to the interim chief talking about how they want this to be peaceful and trying to be respectful and making sure that the police are doing their job but they wanted to clear the street. as he starts talking about things being more calm and peaceful, shots ring out a few hundred yards from where the chief and officers and protesters were standing. you hear a burst of gunfire over and over again. we took cover and the police were there as well. and behind us there was another blast of gunfire. so two separate incidents that i
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was here and witnessed happening as people were crouched down behind cars and everyone in the street started running and police were told to get out of the middle of the street. they were in a bad spot with no cover. at this point we do not have official confirmation whether or not someone has been shot. but i can tell you as i walked up to the scene where people were running, a police officer turned to me, and the officer said someone has been shot, back up. that is an officer who is on the scene saying that someone had gotten shot. there are one or two or more f - people who ended up getting shot tonight. but there were two distinct and different shooting scenes here. and we're trying to ascertain right now what you are seeing, police standing in a line and people standing on the sidewalk. there were a few dozen protesters here, maybe 50 or a little bit less. not a huge, huge crowd.
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most of the crowd was at concert tonight but it's that crowd stood in front of police and down the street away from the crowd, the shooting -- the initial shooting happened. >> sara i want to ask you, all the things you are describing remind me. we are talk about the one-year anniversary of the michael brown shooting. i'm reminded of being there hours after the shooting myself. you hear the gunfire and you run for cover. the mood right now, is it similar to as it was last year? are there more police out there than there are protesters are do you get the sense that the scene that we're seeing from the images that it's growing? >> >> reporter: at first there were more protesters than police and then there were equal numbers with the help of st. louis county who is out here. and the missouri highway patrol is out here assisting just like back a year ago. but is it a different scene.
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i have to tell you. i've been here for a week now and stayed here for many months during the most tense times. it doesn't feel the same in the sense that there aren't as many people that are gathered and galvanized but there is still a lot of tension here and people saying change has not happened fast enough although there has been change in the city. there has been visible change at the top in city government. the police chief is african-american, the first time ever the department has had a african-american chief. and a new city manage who can hire the chief and upset the citizens. the city manager is african-american and two people on the city council voted in after the michael brown incident this year and they are both african-american. you are seeing the city government reflect more of the population which is about 6%
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african-american. but at this point in time people are saying these are superficial changes and not ones that make a difference on the ground. we will have to find out who it is that is responsible for the shooting. at this point we don't know but we heard many, many shots ring out tonight. >> sara, also want to ask you we have seen unconfirmed reports at this point of looting. have you seen anything to that effect? >> the simple answer is yes. we saw the aftermath, we saw glass on the ground. we saw people running. but i did not, myself, see someone going into a store and stealing anything although people in the crowd were saying that is what was going on. but we definitely saw damage to at least one business, maybe two, with glass that was spread all over the ground and boards being put up again. >> sara, i want to read information that just crossed
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cnn news gathering that says the st. louis county police department was involved in an offer-involved shooting in ferguson after officers came under heavy gunfire. according to st. louis county pio officials are working to get details on this incident. just so you're aware and i'm sure that crossed as well. >> yes. the crowds have been talking about that and sometimes we get information that isn't official. that is what everyone was talking about. i don't know what the second one was. there were from our view no officers in our area when we heard the gunshots going off. we don't know if an officer responded to the initial gunfire. we knew there were two separate shooting incidents but it's good to know that the rumors that were swirling we have concrete information that it was one of the shootings, officer involved shooting. we don't know what prompted that
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but we heard two distinct different scenes where you could hear shooting kbnd us and shooting many hundred yards in front of us as well. >> sara sidner on the ground in ferguson, missouri. we will continue to touch base with you throughout the night. but these images of crowds on the streets in ferguson, missouri one year after the officer-involved shooting of michael brown. >> of course, the interesting thing and the irony is that there was an interview with the chief of police there with an affiliate and the chief of police was talking about how things were more calm and peaceful. and at that moment -- there he is -- at that moment you hear shots ring out in the background. people have been out there since 12:02 to mark michael brown's death. and there were four minutes of
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silence. and that was the time that michael brown's body lay in the street. things were calm and began to change as we headed into the evening. the pio saying that officers were involved. heavy gunfire aimed at the officers. we will continue to watch that and see what happens with that. >> and one thing that is interesting and to put this in perspective just to keep it in context, keep in mind that during the day there were many peaceful protests today. michael brown's father returned to the scene where his son was shot and killed. your seeing there, the memorial in the middle of the street there in that neighborhood where michael brown was shot and killed and his basic message was just to come and say, hey, my son was a good kid. what happened here shouldn't have happened to him. it's important to point out there were peaceful protests during the day. but what we're seeing right now
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is reminiscent -- >> you were on the ground. you were there reporting. >> it was a tense situation. it was raw. as sara said, you wonder whether the crowd will grow or disperse. but it seems there were shots fired at some point and police officers on the ground. we will continue to monitor the situation in ferguson, missouri and bring you any updates. >> a lot of people saying that change has not happened fast enough and they are saying that the change has been superficial. >> we'll continue to monitor that situation there. now we move on to the middle east and the fight against isis. the united states has sent six fighter jets to turkey where they will be used in the air campaign against the terror group. they left italy on sunday and are at a base in turkey. turkey agreed to let the u.s. use its air space last month. >> turkish air base is not far
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from the country's border with syria which could prove to be a huge advantage when targeting isis from the air. it allows them to send the air strikes quicker than they would otherwise be able to. >> but the situation on the ground remains grim. the u.s. can't account for a small number of syrian rebels that it trained and deployed and isis has overrun another syrian city. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr has more. >> reporter: u.s. military action over the skies of syria is about to ramp up. but will it be enough? u.s. air strikes against isis in syria could be launched from this turkish air base within days, according to u.s. officials. this section of the border, u.s. intelligence calculates new isis fighters are still entering syria as fast as the u.s. can kill them. on the ground, u.s. strategy rests on the shoulders of just
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54 u.s.-trained moderate syrian rebels. >> what we're trying to do is protect this very small force as it's on the very early stages of building combat power. >> reporter: the group is eager to fight. the reality? up to half are missing. they may have desserted early on and fled after the attack last week or been captured. one defense official admitting to cnn, quote, they are no longer a coherent military unit. >> they are not accompanied by u.s. forces in the field which means they're going to get limited training, no equipment. but the vast majority of successful u.s. train advise, assist missions require forces in the field. >> privately pentagon officials say something has to change. >> this breaks every train,
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advise, and assist rule that special operations forces have learned. >> and isis still grabbing territory. activists say in this western syrian town more than 200 people have been abducted. up to 500 unaccounted for. cnn cannot independently verify those claims. >> today is the anniversary of the one year engaging of syria. >> here, where there is a critical oil refinery, u.s. officials privately acknowledge that isis is now massing forces, gearing up for a new counterattack. one year after the u.s. bombing campaign against isis began, still, the same question, what will it take to roll back the momentum that isis still has?
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. >> that was our barbara starr reporting there. a lot of people don't believe the air strikes will make a difference in the fight. how effective are they? >> we travelled to damascus to see how people are copes with that war in the capital city. >> reporter: as america ramps up its air campaign against isis with jets taking off from a turkish air base, many people that we speak to believe that the air strikes will make little difference and many feel that america's actions in syria are aimed against the al assad government. america helps the terrorists. they're hiding behind them. america wants to change things but doesn't do it openly. air strikes are not enough this man adds. when the u.s. hits isis, they
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just go underground. what you would find here in the past is that people were optimistic that the civil war would be over very soon. and when you speak to them today they are more cautious, many could not fathom that groups like isis could not make it to damascus. but many we spoke to believe that the conflict will go on for a very long time. everything is possible in this country nowadays this woman says, you can't say that something will definitely be avoided but we hope we can continue to stop isis. when you go through the streets of damascus you can tell that people are trying to keep an air of normalcy. the cafes are full, people are out. but you can also feel that people here know exactly what is going on the battlefield. they keep track of things and keep up to date. many of these hope there will be a negotiated solution to this conflict. want to go now to reunion island where france is
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intensifying the search for debris for malaysia airlines flight 370. officials are saying they found a number of items that appear to be from the missing jet. i want to go now to anna coren in hong kong. which items have washed up on shore? >> reporter: malaysian officials are saying it's their teams on the ground at reunion island that have discovered part of a window and also part of seating cushion that they believe may be linked to mh370. however, i think it's important to stress that french authorities have not confirmed this. so there seems to be some discrepancy about what has happened to these items, as to whether they've been sent on.
10:17 pm
apparently they've not yet been sent to france where that flaperon and part of a suitcase are being analyzed at separate labs the flaperon in toulouse and the suitcase at another lab. we know that french military planes are involved, helicopters and a land search. reunion island is part of france, a french territory. but the search has been expanded to madagascar. all authorities in that region are on high alert to any debris that may be linked to mh370. but really the only item that has been confirmed as part of
10:18 pm
mh370 is that flaperon and that confirmation coming from the malaysians. >> these new items, the french authorities want to be more cautious and that is understandable given what we saw the year ago. but you mentioned the window and seat cushion that washed up on reunion island as well. what goes through how those pieces of evidence will be tested? how will authorities go about trying to confirm that they are part of mh370? >> a really interesting question. and i think there is a lot of debris that has been washed up and found. authorities saying a pair of flip-flops have been found. they don't know if it is part of luggage that was on board the plane. but certainly there is a lot of debris that washed up on to the shore that may or may not be part of this missing plane. so obviously, that debris, which they will then determine whether it has possible links will then
10:19 pm
be sent on to france where analysis will continue. and obviously they have their methods as to how they come about those decisions as to whether it is actually part of mh370, part of the -- what the passengers were carrying, what the passengers were wearing. so, really, this is a very detailed process, a very long process but we know that analysis is certainly continuing of the flaperon as well as of the suitcase at the moment. >> and the families, understandably very desperate to find answers. but interestingly, the search now continuing, expanding to south africa, madagascar and maritious. >> you are watching "cnn newsroom." a large group of u.s. lawmakers visit israel. ahead, their trip and the message they're getting from the israeli prime minister. [music]
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welcome back. nnow wpnow we look at the dedeal an deal and this very i debate here in the united states over its future. the u.s. congress has five weeks left to decide whether or not to approve the agreement. in the meantime, u.s. president barack obama is trying to get everyone on his side and rally support for the deal and earlier he sat down with cnn's fareed zakaria. >> is it a complicated piece of business and we are negotiating with a regime that chants "death to america" and doesn't have a high approval rating here in the united states. but the people who know most about the central challenge that we're trying to deal with, which is making sure that iran does not get a nuclear weapon, they are overwhelmingly in favor of it.
10:25 pm
you know, experts in pluck proliferation, nuclear scientists, former ambassadors, democrat and republican. and as a consequence one of my main tasks is to make sure people know and understand that this is a diplomatic breakthrough that ensures that we are cutting off all the pathways by which iran might get a nuclear weapon. >> so in that worldwide exclusive, you hear the president pushing hard for this deal. but in the meantime, 36 republican lawmakers are set to arrive in israel later today and they will join 22 democratic members of congress already there. >> and the 22 democrats you mentioned met with israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu who tried to convince them and persuade them against voting for the iran nuclear
10:26 pm
deal. >> reporter: the delegation of democrats is an opportunity for prime minister benjamin netanyahu to lobby against the iran deal which he has done from day one. he lobbied against the framework deal, the final deal and now pushing against congress trying to get as many democrats in congress to vote against the deal. he has these 22 democrats here and met with them and they discussed the iran deal. the question, did he manage to sway any of those votes? if he did, that would have to be viewed as success for prime minister netanyahu as he has lobbied against the deal. it will come down to how many, in any, of those votes he managed to sway towards him at this critical phase with five weeks to go until that mid-september vote on the iran deal in congress. if they say anything it could give us insight into whether
10:27 pm
prime minister netanyahu was successful in convincing any in that 22 to vote against that run deal and that could be very interesting. the final hearing in iran's trial against jason rezaian is being held today. you can see him here with anthony bourdain. but iranian authorities have not provided proof of the charges. we turn now to weather. 96 people in myanmar are now dead after flooding from last week's cyclone. a state-run newspaper there says that the flooding destroyed almost 11,000 homes and displaced more than 85,000 people. they have no home to go to. the world food program is
10:28 pm
working with the government to help the victims and the u.s. secretary of state $600,000 for relief efforts. china and taiwan are coping with the aftermath of typhoon soudelor, china state tv reports 14 storm-related deaths and four people missing there. the typhoon weakened as it moved inland but it is still causing severe flooding. >> and before soudelor hit china it made landfall in taiwan as one of the strongest storms to hit anywhere in the world so far. what you are looking at is amateur video and that is actually showing a twister an apparent twister caused by soudelor. you can see objects floating up and around in the air. the storm killed at least seven people in taiwan. we're going to take a quick break on cnn. when we come back he's not backing down or apologizing. we'll tell you why u.s.
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my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are watching "cnn newsroom." good to have you with us. i'm george howell. >> and i'm zain asher. we have breaking news out of ferguson, missouri. the st. louis police department reported an officer-involved shooting after officers came under heavy gunfire tonight. listen. >> explaining to them their rights and we just want to be as
10:33 pm
patient as possible. [ gunshots ]. >> so an affiliate was doing an interview with the chief of police there in ferguson, missouri. and you heard the commotion and the gunshots there. police are telling us no officers were injured but there was an officer-involved shoot and the officers came under heavy gunfire. >> we want to show you images of damage coming into the newsroom from several cars that were hit by bullets from tonight's shooting. we have teams on the ground there and will continue to monitor the situation here on cnn. stay with us for that. now let's turn to the race for the u.s. president. donald trump is doubling down. >> do we have a day we're not talking about donald trump? what's new? >> he has no apologies over what
10:34 pm
some believe was a sexist comment made to megyn kelly. >> kelly was a moderator at last week's republican debate. trump complained about the way that kelly was asking questions and spoke to him especially when she spoke to him about his treatment of women. listen. >> she gets out and asks me all sorts of ridiculous questions and you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever but she was, in my opinion, she was off base. >> critics thought that trump was suggesting that kelly was tough on him because she was moth hormonal. kelly says she was just doing her job. >> i'm a big girl. i can take it.
10:35 pm
as i say, i understand why people get upset. because the stakes are very high here. we're talking about the oval office. and they really like the candidate they like. and they don't want to see the candidate take any hits. you know, that is the way you feel and get to feel if you are just a voter as opposed to the journalist. we're not allowed to feel like that or allowed to take those considerations into mind when we form the debate questions. we have to hit them as hard as we can so the voters can figure out who's our guy. the republicans are trying to figure out who is our guy or gal. >> she explains it well. >> she says i understand why people are upset. the stakes are very high. but she says i can take it. i'm a big girl. but the republicans are condemning the flap. jeb bush blasted him saying that what trump said is wrong and he
10:36 pm
should apologize. >> on sunday when trump spoke to jake tapper he talked about one of bush's gaffes last week. >> three days ago, he was talking so negatively about women's health issues and i thought it was disgraceful, frankly and i think that will haunt him and be the same as romney's 47% which possibly cost him the election. jeb was negative on women's health when you negative on women's health you can forget about it. i cherish women and want to help women. i'm going to do things for women that no other candidate will be able to do and it's very important to me. it's sort of interesting. he went back and apologized the following day and said he misspoke. he really did. now he is telling me or telling you about what was said. let me ask you, what was said?
10:37 pm
she was very angry because i bested her with a question that was an unfair question. she was very angry. when i was speaking about it on a cnn show, by the way, which was interesting, but i was speaking about her. i said blood was pouring out of her eyes which is a very common statement and i said the same thing about chris wallace. >> you did and then she said blood coming out of her wherever. >> no, and blood was pouring from wherever because i wanted to finish the sentence. i wanted to get off of the whole thing and get back on the subject or jobs or whatever we were talking to about right after that. i didn't say anything because i didn't finish the thought. i was going to say nose and/or ears. it is a common statement. she had great anger when she was questioning me especially since
10:38 pm
i mentioned the rosie o'donnell statement which was by far the loudest applause of the entire day of all of the speakers. >> let me ask you -- >> she became angry. i said nothing wrong -- >> and let me tell you this, only a deviant would say that what i said was what they were referring to. no one can make that statement. you have to be sick to put that together. >> among that list of deviants is erick erickson, lindsey graham, carly fiorina. >> i mean, come on, give me a break. >> why do you think so many of your fellow colleagues and candidates and commentators don't believe your explanation? >> because they want to be politically correct and get points. i'm leading in the polls by a fortune, by a tremendous margin.
10:39 pm
they -- you think they would have had 24 million people watching that show if i wasn't on? if i wasn't on that show in all fairness you would have had 2 million people, not 24 million people. ask any expert about it. but 24 million people was not there to watch carly fiorina or jeb bush or lindsey graham, who by the way has zero in the poll. >> let me ask you a question -- >> he has been my biggest critic and he has zero in the poll. and by the way, came to me asking for campaign contributions and everything else. perry of texas started to attack me viciously and went down in the polls. this is one of the things i have to put up with. >> let me ask you a question, sir. you're saying you did not mean to suggest that megyn kelly was having her period? >> who wauld say that? i went to the wharton school of
10:40 pm
finance. i'm a smart person and built a tremendous company. i had a show called "the apprentice." >> i'm familiar with your work, sir. >> who would make a statement like that? only a sick person would think about it. >> why do you think there are so many people jumping on you stating that is what you were saying -- and all due respect, sir, we're not talking about the women's studies department, we're talking about the conservatives and the concerned women for america issuing a statement saying every presidential election since 1964 have been carried by women. we don't vote for men or women we don't trust. >> you're asking me why are these people saying this, right? >> yeah. >> and most of the ones i have seen are opposing candidates. here's a stupid question.
10:41 pm
they are running against me and some, like carly, are low in the polls, lindsey graham, all these people who came out are running against me, jake, i would say it too if i was at 1% or 2% or 0%. i would say it against me. north carolina, south carolina just came out, massive leads, nevada, new hampshire i'm winning big in new hampshire and iowa, winning big. there are incredible people. georgia just came out. >> this is what is interesting -- >> you ask why are these -- >> i didn't mean your opponents. i meant conservative activists like erick erickson. >> they are for other people. erick erickson, i hear he has a spotty record. have you seen what he said about women and other things over the years? i've seen things where he said where he was admonished.
10:42 pm
he is a loser, he backed so many candidates that have lost. and i didn't want to do his event in the first place. somebody said oh -- you know what, it was even a small event. and tell me, what happened at his event when i didn't show up? do you know the unrest and how devastated people were when i didn't go there? >> i wasn't there. i'm sure there were people who were upset about it. you have a lot of fans. every time you make these comments or you make comments that a lot of pundits or republican candidates say are going to end your campaign, whether it's comments about mexico sending in illegal immigrants or your comments about john mccain's war record, every time you do that, pundits say oh, he's gone and you go up in the polls. i'm wondering if you think, though, that going after megyn kelly, who is beloved by
10:43 pm
conservatives and republican voters, i wonder if this will hurt you. >> i think her question was extremely unfair to me. her whole questioning was unfair to me. when you say beloved, on social media i'm the one that's beloved because if you look at social media and what's happening, they are really coming out strongly in favor of donald trump and this whole thing with the political correctness in this country is out of control. >> that was donald trump in his own words. not apologizing and obviously never hesitant to say what he thinks about his competitors. we're going to take a quick break and when we come back we ride along with a lorry driver dealing with some harsh realities. that story in just a moment.
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welcome back, everyone, a
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sailboat carrying 300 migrants arrived in greece on sunday after crossing part of the sea from turkey. hours earlier three small boats arrived on the island of cos. >> the migrant situation on the mediterranean islands is total chaos. about 124,000 migrants have arrived by sea so far this year. >> it's important to think about the human aspect to the migrant crisis. obviously these people are se e searching for a better life. and the final obstacle is the english channel but that barrier can be virtually impossible to cross. >> and many desperate migrants are living in a camp on the french side of the channel. one camp houses 3,000 migrants. the u.n. describes the situation there as a civil emergency.
10:48 pm
cnn got a first hand account from a lorry driver. >> the last 10 to 15 years with this immigration problem has become dangerous. when you finish loading your vehicle you must put the t.i.r. cord around which prevents entry into the vehicle. when you get to the back you must have a seal on this cord. if i arrive on the uk and there are immigrants that relieves me of 2,000 pounds per person. i've seen guys in front of me have immigrants run across the road and dive under the trailer. they hide behind the hedge rows. when you are driving i've had a brick thrown at the wind screen and hit the top left of the cab.
10:49 pm
when you see them cut the side of a trailer open, if they have a knife it's possible they are going to use it if you try to detain them. i've had my backdoors open. when i drove around a corner i could see my mirrors were full of them. they were chasing me. they got the door open. to jump in while you are on the move, that's desperate. very. just coming down toward where we're going to go through all the security checks. the checks have got very, very stringent. they now check every curtain-sided vehicle. we go through a co-2 check to detect if anyone is in the trailer. the trailer will be checked for any signs of damage. if they see the damage, they will look in the trailer. the dogs generally are the ones
10:50 pm
that pick up if there is anything about. they have found more than any of these x-ray machines have found. once you get the green light to go, you move from there and drop down to drive on to the train itself. and i think that's where have been starting to get in. >> the migrant situation, that crisis, i should say has been dangerous for the migrants themselves who are look for a better life and the lorry drivers driving through the chunnel. a sea of red and white in singapore. the nation marked 50 years of independence. we'll show you more on the milestone celebrations there as "cnn newsroom" continues. [music]
10:51 pm
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a grand celebration in singapore. nearly three-hour-long parade filled with performances helped mark the milestone on sunday. >> it was a grand event. in half a century it transformed itself into an economic success
10:55 pm
story. david molko was there for it. >> reporter: it was a country never meant to be, but singapore has proven that is it a clean, green, economic power house, tens of thousands of people have turned out the celebrate the 50th anniversary of their country's independence. critics say it comes as cost in terms of civil rights and freedoms. but singaporeans are here to celebrate five decades of history and to turn an eye to their future. >> i think it's amazing how singapore has come in 50 years and that's really why it's such a momentous occasion for us here. >> reporter: across the island patriotic branding is in full overdrive especially here at marina drive. you can't go anywhere would seeing a sea of red and white.
10:56 pm
this long weekend of concerts, carnivals and performances culminates with the national day parade and show, a show of military might and a tribute to founding father -- who passed away this year. singapore has challenges including reinvigorating its economy and finding space to grow but it's the fact that they have come this far against the odds, singaporeans say, is in and of itself, worth celebrating. >> david molko looks like he is having a good time. >> thank you so much for watching, everyone. i'm zain asher. >> i'm george howell. more news after the break. hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink, so print all you want and never run out. right now, buy an eligible printer, and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print.
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-- captions by vitac -- peaceful protests quickly turn ugly. gunfire erupts in ferguson, missouri as the city marks one year since the shooting of an unarmed african-american teenager. u.s. fighter jets in turkey to take aim at isis. >> hear why some syrians


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